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Points Requirement

Learning is a lifelong process. Workplaces, regulations and technologies will continue to evolve.  It is therefore imperative that WSHOs continue to improve and enhance their knowledge and skills to keep pace with these developments. Helping WSHOs stay competent and relevant to the environment in which they operate is a core goal of this Continuing Professional Development programme.  

Under the CPD programme, all WSHOs are required to continually upgrade their knowledge and skills to keep pace with new developments and professional practices and apply new ideas and procedures to their work or areas of specialty.  This ensures that WSHOs can continually add value to the organisations that employ them.

To accomplish this, WSHOs will be required to undergo or participate in approved structured activities, as defined in the CPD programme for WSHOs.

  • CPD Board is  responsible for evaluating and accrediting SDU Points for WSH-related programmes.
  • The Board ensures that the programmes are current and of relevance to the profession, in accordance with the objectives of the CPD programme.
  • Organisers of Approved programmes or activities, like local tertiary institutions, professional and allied WSH institutions, Government agencies and other commercial course providers, are required to submit their applications to the CPD Board for evaluation.

    SDU Categories effective 1st January 2023.


    Description of activities/participation for WSHOs’ renewal

    Max SDUs per renewal cycle

       1 - WSH practice

    1. If the individual is employed as a Full-time/Part-time WSHO or WSH Personnel within the last 2 years, he can claim maximum 20 SDUs under this category.
    2. If the individual is employed as a Full-time/Part-time TRAINER for accredited WSH courses WITH on-site WSH role/job, he can claim SDUs under this category.
    3. If the individual is employed as a Full-time/Part-time TRAINER for accredited WSH courses WITHOUT on-site WSH role/job, he cannot claim SDUs under this category.

    Up to 20 SDU

       2 - Attended accredited training/activities such as workshops, seminars, conferences, and formal studies

    Courses/trainings/conferences accredited by CPD Board will be accorded SDUs based on two tiers. These include:

    Tier 1.1: (SDU will be accorded based on 1 SDU per 1 contact hour up to 40 max per course)

    • Selected postgraduate, degree studies, or leadership programmes assessed to enhance professionalism of WSHOs, including special courses designed to support WSHO Career Progression Pathway

    Tier 1.2: (SDU will be accorded based on 1 SDU per 1 contact hour up to 20 max per activity / course)

    • WSH conferences/activities organized by MOM, WSHC, and relevant agencies
    • Non-WSH courses that support Continuous Professional Development, e.g. soft skills, IT skills, managerial training

      Supportive WSH Training:
    • Relevant to role carried out by WSHO (e.g. Confined Space Assessor, Workshop on Management of Hazardous Chemicals Programme)
    • Support WSHOs to manage WSH at a systemic level (e.g. Process Safety, Lead Auditor)
    • Support adoption of WSH technology
    • Broaden WSHOs technical WSH knowledge to manage workplace risks (e.g. combustible dust hazard, HAZMAT)

    Tier 2:  SDU will be accorded based on 1 SDU per 2 contact hours up to 10 max per course)

    • Selected supervisory and technical training assessed to support WSHO’s functions by building their operational knowledge, excluding refresher courses
    • WSHO is entitled to claim SDU for Occupational First Aid Course (OFAC) only once. Repeat or refresher will be rejected.

    In general, only courses that are more than three hours will be considered.

    No cap in SDUs

       3 - Other WSH contributions/Attending unaccredited WSH training

    WSHOs who contributed to WSH in other areas:

    • Participation in professional boards, committees or societies - 4 SDUs per appointment (max 10 SDUs)
    • Professional membership - 2 SDUs per organization (max 10 SDUs)
    • Trainer conducted WSQ accredited courses - 2 SDUs per lecture hour (max 10 SDUs)
    • Writing and/or editing papers - 5 SDUs per paper (max 10 SDUs)
    • Awarded patents - 10 SDUs per patent (max 10 SDUs)
    • Attended selected unaccredited WSH training, including internationally recognized courses/conferences (e.g., World Congress, ASSE Conference) - 1 SDU per 1 contact hour (max 10 SDUs)
    • Contributed to WSH at national/industry level - 1 SDU per 1 contact hour (max 10 SDUs)

    Up to 10 SDUs

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