Thank you for the many feedback from the consultation. MOM and SISO are still working on the feedback to ensure that we address all concerns and to prepare WSHOs for the new future and advancement in their career. 

In the meantime, the existing requirement for renewal of WSHO registration remains the same :

To renew their registration every two years, WSHOs are required to obtain at least 40 SDUs over the period. The current framework requires WSHOs to obtain at least 20 SDUs from structured activities e,g. employment in WSH related roles (10 SDUs) and attending accredited WSH training ( no cap).

Up to 20 SDUs can be obtained from unstructured activities e.g. participating in informal in-house training and discussions relating to safety and health.

We will continue to update the approved programmes for the SDUs. 

We will keep you inform when we have the final revised SDU framework. 

CPD committee

3 May 2022.


CPD Revised Framework

SDU Programmes

Consultation survey