Dear Co-Chairpersons, Dy Chairperson and Members of the WSH Council Committee,

Take part in the Slips, Trips and Falls Campaign 2021 by setting a company-wide STF Resolution

The WSH Council launched the STF Campaign in June 2021 to promote the co-creation of safe workplaces by encouraging companies to set and fulfil an STF Resolution to take time to check, clean and share good practices to minimise or eliminate STF incidents together with their workers. The Campaign encourages companies to set aside time on a regular basis, whether weekly or monthly, to look out for and clear their workplaces of spills, tripping hazards and clutter.

2          To acknowledge the efforts of the industry, participating associations and companies who set their resolution will be listed on WSH Council website. We welcome the submission of writeups, stories and photos from companies who have carried out actions to check for hazards, clean up workplaces and share with workers to prevent STFs. Selected companies will be featured on the WSH Council Facebook page. Companies may email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Here is how companies can get started in 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Fill up the STF resolution form on the Campaign website. Identify the STF hazards in your workplace and choose your routine to check, clean and share for the year. You can watch the STF Resolution infographic video for guidance.

Step 2

Create your action plans to meet the goals set in your STF Resolution. Follow these 5 STF-prevention steps:

  • Put up warning signages at areas with STF risks.
  • Ensure that workers wear non-slip footwear for wet/oily flooring.
  • Install handrails at steps.
  • Cordon off hazardous areas, for example where there are leaks and broken tiles.
  • Share safety messages on STFs with workers.
  • Sector-specific posters; and
  • Pictogram warning signages for putting up in workplaces.

Step 3

Share the completed STF Resolution form with your employees. Use it as a reminder to put your STF Resolution into action.

Companies can make use of the following resources:

Visit the STF Campaign webpage for the full details and other resources.