Follow and support the National WSH Campaign on WSH Council’s Facebook Page on 27 April 2020


Join the WSH Council, the Ministry of Manpower and the Tripartite partners from the  National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) in the opening of the National Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Campaign on the WSH Council’s Facebook on Monday, 27 April, 10.30am onwards. 


The Campaign Programme, comprising a series of video posts on the Facebook page, is as follows:


10.30 am      Facebook Post 1
                    Welcome Remarks by Mr John Ng, Chairman of the WSH Council.

10.35am       Facebook Post 2
                    Opening Remarks by Mr Zaqy Mohamad, Minister of State
                    for Manpower.

10.40am       Facebook Post 3
                    Sharing of the National WSH Campaign message by MOM,
                    WSH Council and our Tripartite partners (Mr Melvin Yong,
                    Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC, and Mr Douglas Foo,
                    Vice President of SNEF).

2.00pm         Facebook Post 4
                    Sharing of COVID-19 prevention tips.

4.00pm         Facebook Post 5
                    MOS Zaqy, Mr John Ng, Mr Melvin Yong and Mr Douglas Foo attempt
                    the persona quiz on new Campaign microsite.


Visit the new Campaign website, which will go live on 27 April, where you could learn more about creating a healthy workforce and show care for your employees’ health, download resources and take part in the persona quiz. Together, we can make workplaces safer and healthier!